Quad City Leadership Consulting

Serving organizations through leadership development

Quad City Leadership Consulting provides strategic planning facilitation, training workshops, and leadership coaching.  Topics include delegation, effective conversations, conflict resolution, motivation, team-building, servant leadership, non-profit management, and stewardship.

Strategic Planning

QCLC’s approach to strategic planning is to make it clear and purposeful for our clients.


Meet and Discuss:  We work with clients to develop the best course of action to complete the strategic planning process.  These actions include discussing scheduling, participants, mandates, and the overall desired outcome from the client.


Gather Information:  We gather information and ideas from key stakeholders involved with the client through focus group sessions, interviews, and surveys.  Summary reports are provided to the strategic planning team before the formal planning sessions occur.


Planning Sessions:  During the formal strategic planning sessions, we use specific tools and activities designed to help the client develop Core Values, Mission and Vision Statements, Strategic Areas, Strategic Goals, and Action Steps.


Implement and Adjust:  After the strategic plan has been drafted, finalized, and adopted by the client, we provide assistant with implementation through the use of accountability sessions.  These sessions give the client an opportunity to review the progress and make adjustments to the plan as they move forward.


Training Workshops

Delegate with Purpose:  In this workshop we take a detailed look at delegation as a management tool that can be utilized to balance workload, create efficiency, and develop employees.  Participants will use real-world experiences and small group discussions to gain a better understanding of the practical delegation steps they can implement to make positive impacts for themselves, their employees, and their organization.

Effective Conversations:  An interactive workshop where participants explore and discuss ways to improve organizational communication and build trust between team members by learning to change the dynamics of daily conversations.

Servant Leadership:  What is servant leadership?  What it is not. How and why servant leadership works in organizations and why it is so important.

Stewardship:  A workshop that explains the stewardship approach and how that radically changes how an organization conducts fundraising and development.

Not-for-Profit Management:  This workshop describes the unique challenges of the not-for-profit sector, and explains how the not-for-profit sector is similar and how it is different from the for-profit and public sector.

Team Building:  Workshop that helps organizational teams to build trust, commitment and cohesion, deal with conflict constructively, and make decisions that draw from the wisdom of everyone on the team.


Leadership Coaching
Whether it is one-on-one assistance with leaders or managers, or training for the entire staff, we provide custom coaching to help develop and grow leadership capacity.  We offer single leadership coaching sessions or a multi-week series covering a variety of leadership development topics.


Board Development
We work with organizations to clarify the role of a board in decision-making, setting policy, reviewing by-laws, creating committee structure, and selecting of new board members.  Board Development is an excellent service for newly formed not-for-profits or for existing organizations that want to review current structure and increase board involvement.


Conflict Mediation
Acknowledging and and resolving conflicts within the workplace is a vital part of an organization's overall success.  We provide experienced facilitation of face-to-face dialogue between two people who are engaged in unhealthy conflict within the workplace environment.


Fundraising and Development
Grow your organization!  We provide detailed consultation on how a not-for-profit organization can raise funds in diverse ways: grant-writing, special events, fees for service, mass appeals, social media, corporate gifts and major donors.


Event Speaker
Need a speaker at your next event?  We can come and talk with your audience on a variety of leadership and organizational development topics.  We provide event speakers for team meetings, "lunch and learns", seminars, and conferences.  Contact us today and see how we can help with your next event.

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