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Quad City Leadership Consulting provides strategic planning facilitation as well as seminars, workshops, and trainings in leadership, not-for-profit management, conflict resolution, motivation, team-building, servant leadership and stewardship.

About QCLC

Dr. Dan R. Ebener - Owner

Dr. Dan R. Ebener - Owner

Started in 2005, Quad City Leadership Consulting, Inc.  is owned and operated by Dr. Dan R. Ebener.  Dan has over 40 years of professional leadership and management experience and has provided consulting services to a variety of public, not-for-profit, and private businesses.

Dan teaches full-time at St. Ambrose University for the Masters in Organizational Leadership (MOL) program.  He also works part-time as the Director of Stewardship and Parish Planning for the Diocese of Davenport.  Dan believes that his full-time teaching at St. Ambrose University is enhanced by his consulting business and vice versa.  The consulting work allows him the opportunity to practice what he teaches.  The teaching requires him to stay sharp and keep current with the literature on leadership and management.  As such, he is a lifetime learner who continuously strives to discover new and creative approaches, to apply new theories into practice and to integrate what he is learning with what he is teaching in the classroom and practicing in his consulting work.

His business consulting includes strategic planning, leadership development, training sessions for not-for-profit boards and managers, assessing leadership skills, executive coaching and conducting workshops or trainings in conflict resolution, servant leadership, human resources management and team-building.  Dan is certified to teach Leadership Through People Skills (LTPS) week long training course.

Dan has served on the board of directors for over forty nonprofit groups since 1976.  He has led fund drives for many of these organizations, including capital campaigns.  He has also staffed ten different boards or commissions for the Diocese of Davenport.

Dan was the recipient of the 2015 Yves Congar Award from the Conference for Pastoral Planning and Council Development (CPPCD).  The award is in recognition of extraordinary service, initiative and creativity on the part of a CPPCD member in support of pastoral planning and consultative processes in the direction set forth by the Second Vatican Council, as well as sustained commitment to furthering the mission of CPPCD.

In 2016 Dan was awarded the Graduate Faculty Member of the Year by St. Ambrose University.

Dan has traveled to all fifty states and to sixty countries.  He has taught leadership courses and seminars in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Mexico and Germany, as well as thirty-five states.  Most of his international travel involves mission trips or leadership seminars.

QCLC Associates

Kevin James - Associate

Kevin James - Associate

Kevin James joined QCLC in January of 2013 as a strategic planning facilitator.  Having over 16 years of work experience in the private and public sector, along with a Master of Organizational Leadership degree, has given Kevin the tools to help all types of organizations develop an effective strategic plan. 

Kevin believes that an organization having a clear and concise strategic plan is essential for successful growth and sustainability.  Kevin looks forward to working with various organizations develop a custom strategic plan that fits their needs.

Steve Ambrozi has been associated with QCLC since 2013 working in an organizational planning and process support role.  A leadership master’s degree and more than 35 years of multi-disciplinary experience in both small and large-company environments provide Steve a unique set of skills and insights relating to organizations and their members. 

Steve has solid understanding and experience with work groups and teams, both domestic and global, and his successes in plan implementation and knowledge of strategic metrics make Steve a valuable resource for QCLC and your organization.

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