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Quad City Leadership Consulting provides strategic planning facilitation, training workshops, and leadership coaching.  Topics include delegation, effective conversations, conflict resolution, motivation, team-building, servant leadership, non-profit management, and stewardship.


Dan Ebener researches and writes about various aspects of leadership and strategic planning.  Find out more information or purchase these books by clicking here.

Strategic Planning for Leaders: An Interactive Process

Strategic planning here is an interactive process in which leaders, managers, and followers create a common goal together.   Dan Ebener and Fred Smith, using their years of experience as consultants and teachers, have distilled their knowledge into a simple step-by-step process that can be used in the three types of organizations: business, not-for profit, and public.  The importance of planning and preparation, prioritizing needs, communication, and accountability in implementation are highlighted.


Blessings for Leaders

In Blessings for Leaders, Dan Ebener skillfully weaves an understanding of one of the most powerful and familiar Bible passages with insights drawn from his experience developing faith-filled leaders in churches and ministry organizations. Ebener reflects on how the paradoxes of leadership can be understood from a careful reflection on the Beatitudes: It takes wisdom, empathy, humility, justice, mercy, service, peace and courage to lead as a Christian. 

Each chapter begins with Scripture, reflects on the inward journey of leadership through the virtues associated with each Beatitude, and suggests how that might be extended outward in the challenges of leadership, such as mission, vision, core values, followership, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, communication and listening, team-building, meeting facilitation, innovation and dealing with change.

Straight-forward, easy-to-read, and filled with illuminating stories, this book is ideal for individuals in search of greater insight or groups journeying to a deeper understanding of Jesus’ vision for leadership.

Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager® and Lead Like Jesus - “Blessings for Leaders offers profound spiritual inspiration for every aspect of leadership. With thoughtful and encouraging examples of how the teachings of Jesus can be applied in any workplace, Dr. Dan Ebener has given a gift to leaders everywhere.”

Servant Leadership Models for Your Parish

Servant leadership is more than a passing fad or a recent phenomenon. It offers the wisdom of the ages to a world that desperately needs new approaches to leadership. It should be (and in many cases already is) a source of great interest in the church. Already the subject of many books, articles, seminars and workshops, and even scholarly journals, servant leadership has been adopted by many businesses as their corporate leadership philosophy. It needs to be endorsed by church leaders as our corporate approach to leadership as well. For those searching for how Jesus himself would lead, servant leadership is awaiting your discovery.

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